Buy -A-Pay Pokies

If you enjoy making your own luck, then perhaps you should try Buy-A-Pay Pokies. Instead of hoping for certain combinations to come up, in this pokie, players can actually purchase your own symbols that you need in order to make a match and have a winning combination.

For example: If the theme of the pokie you’re playing on is ‘treasure hunt’, and the symbols ‘gold chest’, ‘silver cups’ and ‘diamonds’ come up, you have the option to buy three of a kind (three matching symbols) and get paid out for those three of a kind symbols. This is done by either placing one bet and buying one symbol in which the machine will pay out according to the treasure chest (if you chose to buy a treasure chest symbol), two bets will pay you out on the treasure chest and the silver cups and three bets will pay out on all three symbols.

This is a great pokie to play, but keep in mind that to have access to the best possible benefits, it’s a good idea to play on your maximum bet.


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