Multiplier Pokies

In most Pokies, you bet on either one or more pay lines and hope that certain symbols line up. In Multiplier pokies the amount of money you can win will depend on the amounts you are betting. For example: If you place a bet using one coin and obtain a winning combination, you get $10, but if you were betting with more than one coin – let’s say you were using five coins at one time, then you’ll receive a $50 pay out. Whatever the amount is that you’re playing with at one time will be multiplied by that same amount if you obtain the correct symbol combination.

This pokie is perhaps a great way to doubling your money in no time and provides opportunities to make a great profit and win back any losses you may have had on your bets. It’s difficult to be a loser when playing Multiplier pokies and players are bound to experience more profit and success with such a pokie. This obviously adds to its popularity and success as an online gambling game and is great to play for those players who are especially impatient and like to play on the edge.

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