Pokies Experience

Progressive Pokies are very popular pokies when it comes to online gambling, as they have a progressive jackpot, which means the amount that can be won in the jackpot is increased every second.

This is how the Progressive Pokies or “Progressive Jackpot” works: with every bet that is made, a percentage is deposited into the jackpot and the amount that can be won in the jackpot, will increase. Therefore, there is no set amount that can be won and players can win whatever they have bet, plus whatever hasn’t been won yet and is still sitting in the jackpot.

The method for winning the jackpot still remains the same and is simple – the player anticipates that his latest bet will trigger the specific combination that will make him the winner of the jackpot. The jackpot amount relies on multiple people all playing at the same time, so the jackpot amount is increased constantly whether you’re playing or not; but of course, you can’t win it if you’re not playing. What’s great about the Progressive Pokies is that a huge amount of money can be won in comparison to other types of Pokies in which there are set limits on winnings.

This is known as a multi-link in which multiple machines or devices (online) are inter-linked and you are able to see when people are depositing bets into the progressive pokies. Knowing that there are so many opportunities available, this also adds to the fun and anticipation of winning the jackpot.


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